35.1.8. IA-64



IA-64: Itanium ['00] | V Itanium 2 ['02]


-------------------------------------------------------------- Integer (static subset) r0 Permnent Zero Register r1 gp Global Pointer (Pointer to Global Address Seg) r2-r3 (use with 22bit immediate add) r4-r7 r8..r11 ret0..ret3 Integer Returns Values from procedures r12 sp Stack Pointer r13 tp Thread Pointer r14..r31 (stacked subset) r32..r39 in0..in7 Incoming Arguments r32..r127 (Using Renaming) Floating-Point (static subset) f0 Permanent 0.0 f1 Permanent 1.0 f2..f7 f8..f15 farg0..farg7 fret0..fret7 FP.Params/Returns f16..f31 (stacked subset) f32..f127 Branch b0 rp Return Pointer b1..b7 Predicate Regisers (Tags = 1bit). p0 Always 1 p1..p63 Zero register: r0 f0 Direction: <------------- Memory Access: mov r4 = [r5] Immediate operands: movl r5,345h Byte order: Little-endian possible too for data, Big-endian possible for data. Command Length: Command pairing in bindle. Length of bindle is 16 bytes. Command length is xx bits. Main Generation Itanium - IA64 1.0 --------------------------------------------------------------- Форматы обращения к памяти: [Rb] no update [Rb],Rx update base [Rb],imm9 update base


EPIC микропроцессор с VLIW Отсутствуют команды умножения и деления Расширения Multimedia: IA-64 уже содержит multimedia комманды Little-endian

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