Of course, all register are Floating-point :)

FP Addition

destination = source1 + source2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P Addition x86 FADD AR RA ---------------------------------------- Alpha ADDF RRR (F-floating) ADDG RRR (G-floating) ADDS RRR (S-floating) ADDT RRR (T-floating) ---------------------------------------- MIPS ADD.S 32 RRR ADD.D 64 RRR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FADDS RRR FADDD RRR FADDQ RRR ----------------------------------------- PPC FADDS 32 RRR FADD 64 RRR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FADDxx RRR ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FADD.pc.sf F1=F2,F3 (Pop: fma.pc.sf F1=F3,f1,F2) (Single) .s .s0 (Double) .d .s1 .s2 .s3 (Status Flags accessed) ------------------------------------------ 68K FADD.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FADD.D [EA],FPn FADD.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FrADD.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrADD.X FPm,FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) ------------------------------------------- JVM FADD 32 DADD 64

FP Subtract

destination = source1 - source2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Subtraction x86 FSUB AR RA FSUBR AR RA (reverse operands) ----------------------------------------- Alpha SUBF RRR (F-floating) SUBG RRR (G-floating) SUBS RRR (S-floating) SUBT RRR (T-floating) ----------------------------------------- MIPS SUB.S RRR SUB.D RRR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FSUBS RRR FSUBD RRR FSUBQ RRR ----------------------------------------- PPC FSUB 64 RRR FSUBS 32 RRR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FSUBxx RRR ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FSUB.pc.sf F1=F3,F2 (pop: fms.pc.sf F1=F3,f1,F2) ------------------------------------------ 68K FSUB.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FSUB.D [EA],FPn FSUB.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FrSUB.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrSUB.X FPm,FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) ------------------------------------------- JVM FSUB 32 DSUB 64

FP Multiply

destination = source1 * source2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Multiply x86 FMUL AR RA ----------------------------------------- Alpha MULF RRR (F-floating) MULG RRR (G-floating) MULS RRR (S-floating) MULT RRR (T-floating) ----------------------------------------- MIPS MUL.S RRR MUL.D RRR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FMULS RRR FMULD RRR FMULQ RRR ----------------------------------------- PPC FMUL 64 RRR FMULS 32 RRR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FMPYxx RRR XMPYUxx RRR (Fixed Point Unsigned Multiply) ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FMPY.pc.sf F1=F3,F4 (pop:fma.pc.sf F1=F3,F4,f0) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMUL.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FMUL.D [EA],FPn FMUL.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FrMUL.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrMUL.X FPm,FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) FSGLMUL.F [EA],FPn (Single Precension) FSGLMUL.X FPm,FPn ------------------------------------------- JVM FMUL 32 DMUL 64

FP Divide

destination = source1 / source2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Divide x86 FDIV AR RA FDIVR AR RA (reverse operands) ----------------------------------------- Alpha DIVF RRR (F-floating) DIVG RRR (G-floating) DIVS RRR (S-floating) DIVT RRR (T-floating) ----------------------------------------- MIPS DIV.S RRR (S) DIV.D RRR (D) ----------------------------------------- SPARC FDIVS RRR FDIVD RRR FDIVQ RRR ----------------------------------------- PPC FDIV 64 RRR FDIVS 32 RRR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FDIV RRR ------------------------------------------ 68K FDIV.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FDIV.D [EA],FPn FDIV.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FrDIV.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrDIV.X FPm,FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) FSGLDIV.F [EA],FPn (Single Precension) FSGLDIV.X FPm,FPn ------------------------------------------- JVM FDIV 32 DDIV 64

FP Remainder

destination = source1 % source2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Remainder x86 FPREM AF ----------------------------------------- Alpha (*) Complex sequence ----------------------------------------- MIPS (*) Complex sequence ----------------------------------------- SPARC (*) Complex sequence ----------------------------------------- PPC (*) Complex sequence ------------------------------------------- JVM FEM 32 DREM 64

FP Absolute Value

Absolute value:

destination = |source| Negative absolute value:

destination = - |source| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Absolute Value x86 FABS A ----------------------------------------- Alpha CPYS RRR (Copy Sign) (from positive number f31) ----------------------------------------- MIPS ABS.S 32 RR ABS.D 64 RR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FABSS RR FABSD RR V9 FABSQ RR V9 ----------------------------------------- PPC FABS RR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FABSxx RR ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FABS 64 F1=F2 (Pop: fmerge.s F1=f0,F2) ------------------------------------------ 68K FABS.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FABS.D [EA],FPn FABS.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FPn FrABS.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrABS.X FPm,FPn FrABS.X FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) ----------------------------------------- JVM (*) Complex Sequence

FP Negate

destination = -source ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Negate (Change sign) x86 FCHS A ----------------------------------------- Alpha CPYSN RRR (Copy Sign Negative, all 3 registers is same) ----------------------------------------- MIPS NEG.S RR NEG.D RR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FNEGS RR FNEGD RR V9 FNEGQ RR V9 ----------------------------------------- PPC FNEG RR ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FNEG F1=F3 (Pop: fmerge.ns F1=F3,F3) ------------------------------------------ 68K FNEG.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FNEG.D [EA],FPn FNEG.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FPn FrNEG.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrNEG.X FPm,FPn FrNEG.X FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) ------------------------------------------ JVM FNEG 32 DNEG 64

FP Square Root

________ / destination = V source ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Square Root x86 FSQRT A ----------------------------------------- Alpha (*) Complex sequence ----------------------------------------- MIPS SQRT.S RR SQRT.D RR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FSQRTS RR FSQRTD RR FSQRTQ RR ----------------------------------------- PPC FSQRT 64 RR FSQRTS 32 RR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FSQRTxx RR ----------------------------------------- IA-64 (*) Complex Algorithm based on FRSQRTA.sf F1,P2=F3 (Reciprocal Square Root Approximation) ----------------------------------------- 68K FSQRT.S [EA],FPn (Default rounding) FSQRT.D [EA],FPn FSQRT.X [EA],FPn FPm,FPn FPn FrSQRT.f [EA],FPn (Specific Rounding) FrSQRT.X FPm,FPn FrSQRT.X FPn S (round to single) D (round to double) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FP Multiply-Add/Multiply-Subtract

Multiply Add:

destination = (source1 * source2) + source3 Multiply Subtract:

destination = (source1 * source2) - source3 Negative Multiply Add:

destination = - [(source1 * source2) + source3] Negative Multiply Subtract

destination = - [(source1 * source2) - source3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Multiply/Add joined operation x86 ----------------------------------------- Alpha ----------------------------------------- MIPS MADD.S RRRR (addition) MADD.D RRRR d <- (a*b)+c MSUB.S RRRR (subtraction) MSUB.D RRRR d <- (A*b)-c NMADD.S RRRR (all MIPS IV) NMADD.D RRRR d <- -(a*b+c) NMSUB.S RRRR NMSUB.D RRRR d <- -(a*b-c) ----------------------------------------- PPC FMADD 64 RRRR d <- (a*b) + c FMADDS 32 RRRR FMSUB 64 RRRR d <- (a*b) - c FMSUBS 32 RRRR FNMADD 64 RRRR d <- -(a*b+c) FNMADDS 32 RRRR FNMSUB 64 RRRR d <- -(a*b-c) FNMSUBS 32 RRRR ----------------------------------------- SPARC (??) ----------------------------------------- HPPA FMPYADD RRRRR c <- (a * b); e <- (e + a); FMPYSUB RRRRR c <- (a * b); e <- (e - a); ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FMA.pc.sf F1=F3,F4,F2 Multiply Add FMS.pc.sf F1=F3,F4,F2 Multiply Subtract

FP Maximum/Minimum/Absolute Maximum/Absolute Maximum

destination = (source1 > source2): source1 : source2

destination = (source1 < source2): source1 : source2

destination = (|source1| < |source2|) source1 : source2

destination = (|source1| > |source2|) source1 : source2


FP Move

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Move F.P. regsiter x86 (*) Complex sequence ----------------------------------------- Alpha FCPYSE RRR (the last two register is same) ----------------------------------------- MIPS MOV.S RR MOV.D RR ----------------------------------------- SPARC FMOVS RR FMOVD RR V9 FMOVQ RR V9 ----------------------------------------- PPC FMR RR ----------------------------------------- HPPA FCPYxx RR ----------------------------------------- IA-64 MOV F1=F3 (Pop: fmerge.s F1=F3,F3)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Extract Exponent and Significand x86 FXTRACT AF ----------------------------------------- Alpha FCPYSE RRR (copy sign and exponent from two different registers) ----------------------------------------- MIPS ----------------------------------------- PPC ----------------------------------------- IA-64 GETF.S R1=F1 (Single form) .D R1=F1 (Double form) .EXP R1=F1 (Exponent form) .SIG R1=F1 (Significand form) (back operation is:) SETF.S/D/EXP/SIG F1=R1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Scale x=x*2^y x86 FSCALE AF ----------------------------------------- Alpha ----------------------------------------- MIPS ----------------------------------------- PPC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Exhange F.P registers x86 FXCH AR ----------------------------------------- Alpha ----------------------------------------- MIPS ----------------------------------------- PPC

FP Load

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Load Single-precension (32-bit) F.P x86 FLD AM ----------------------------------------- Alpha LDF R[RA+Disp] (F-,VAX-format) LDS R[RA+Disp] (S-,IEEE-format) ----------------------------------------- MIPS LWC1 32 R[R+Disp] LWXC1 32 R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- SPARC LDF 32? R[Ra+Ra/Disp] ----------------------------------------- PPC LFS R[RA+Disp] LFSU R[RA+Disp] (update Address) LFSUX R[Ra+Ridx] (update address) LFSX R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- HPPA FLDWXxx R(scaleR)R (indexed) FLDWSxx R(RDisp5)R (short) ------------------------------------------ IA-64 LDFS.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3] (no base update) LDFS.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3],R2 (base update) LDFS.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3],I9 (imm base update) (PAIR) LDFPS.fldtype.ldhint F1,F2 = [R3] (no base update) F1,F2 = [R3], 8 (base update) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMOVE.S [EA],FPn ------------------------------------------ JVM FALOAD (Array) FLOAD_0 FLOAD_1 FLOAD_2 FLOAD_3 FLOAD FRAME_PTR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Load Doble-precension (64-bit) F.P. x86 FLD AM ----------------------------------------- Alpha LDG R[RA+Disp] (G-,VAX-format) LDT R[RA+Disp] (T-,IEEE-format) ----------------------------------------- MIPS LDC1 64 R[R+Disp] LDXC1 64 R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- SPARC LDDF 64? R[Ra+Ra/Disp] ----------------------------------------- PPC LFD R[RA+Disp] LFDU R[RA+Disp] (update Address) LFDUX R[Ra+Ridx] (update address) LFDX R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- HPPA FLDDXxx R(scaleR)R FLDDSxx R(RDisp5)R (short) ------------------------------------------ IA-64 LDFD.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3] (no base update) LDFD.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3],R2 (base update) LDFD.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3],I9 (imm base update) (PAIR) LDFPD.fldtype.ldhint F1,F2 = [R3] (no base update) F1,F2 = [R3], 16 (base update) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMOVE.D [EA],FPn ------------------------------------------ JVM DALOAD (Array) DLOAD_0 DLOAD_1 DLOAD_2 DLOAD_3 DLOAD FRAME_PTR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Load Extended-precension F.P. x86 FLD AM (80-bit) ----------------------------------------- Alpha ----------------------------------------- MIPS ----------------------------------------- SPARC LDQF ? R[Ra+Ra/Disp] ----------------------------------------- PPC ------------------------------------------ IA-64 LDFE.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3] (no base update) LDFE.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3],R2 (base update) LDFE.fldtype.ldhint F1 = [R3],I9 (imm base update) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMOVE.X [EA],FPn

FP Store

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Store Single-precension (32-bit) F.P x86 FST AM ----------------------------------------- Alpha STF R[RA+Disp] (F-,VAX-format) STS R[RA+Disp] (S-,IEEE-format) ----------------------------------------- MIPS SWC1 R[RA+Disp] SWXC1 R[Ra+Disp] ----------------------------------------- SPARC STF ? R[Ra+Ra/Disp] ----------------------------------------- PPC STFS R[RA+Disp] STFSU R[RA+Disp] (update Address) STFSUX R[Ra+Ridx] (update address) STFSX R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- HPPA FSTWXxx RR(scaleR) FSTWSxx R(RDisp5)R (short) ----------------------------------------- IA-64 STFS.sthint [R3] = F2 (no-update base) [R3] = F2, I9 (update base) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMOVE.S FPn,[EA] ------------------------------------------ JVM FASTORE (Array) FSTORE_0 FSTORE_1 FSTORE_2 FSTORE_3 FSTORE VAR_IDX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Store Doble-precension (64-bit) F.P. x86 FST AM ----------------------------------------- Alpha STG R[RA+Disp] (G-,VAX-format) STT R[RA+Disp] (T-,IEEE-format) ----------------------------------------- MIPS SDC1 R[Ra+Disp] SDXC1 R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- SPARC STDF ? R[Ra+Ra/Disp] ----------------------------------------- PPC STFD R[RA+Disp] STFDU R[RA+Disp] (update Address) STFDUX R[Ra+Ridx] (update address) STFDX R[Ra+Ridx] ----------------------------------------- HPPA FSTDXxx RR(scaleR) (indexed) FSTDSxx R(RDisp5)R (short) ----------------------------------------- IA-64 STFD.sthint [R3] = F2 (no-update base) [R3] = F2, I9 (update base) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMOVE.D FPn,[EA] ------------------------------------------ JVM DASTORE (Array) DSTORE_0 DSTORE_1 DSTORE_2 DSTORE_3 DSTORE VAR_IDX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ o Store Extended-precension F.P. x86 FST AM (80-bit) ----------------------------------------- Alpha ----------------------------------------- MIPS ----------------------------------------- SPARC STQF ? R[Ra+Ra/Disp] ----------------------------------------- PPC ----------------------------------------- IA-64 STFE.sthint [R3] = F2 (no-update base) [R3] = F2, I9 (update base) ------------------------------------------ 68K FMOVE.X FPn,[EA]

Convert between FP Formats

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Convert between F.P. formats x86 (*) Throught FLD/FST ----------------------------------------- Alpha CVTDG RR (F -> G) CVTGD RR (G -> D) CVTGF RR (G -> F) CVTTS RR (T -> S) ----------------------------------------- MIPS CVT.D.S RR (S -> D) CVT.S.D RR (D -> S) ----------------------------------------- SPARC FSTOD RR (S -> D) FSTOQ RR (S -> Q) FDTOS RR (D -> S) FDTOQ RR (D -> Q) FQTOD RR (Q -> D) FQTOS RR (Q -> S) ----------------------------------------- PPC FRSP RR (to single) ------------------------------------------ HPPA FCNVFFxx RR (S->D,D->S) ------------------------------------------ JVM F2D (F->D) D2F (D->F)

FP Branch/Compare

Условия для блоков с плавающей точкой Для старых архитектур (особенно CISC) характерно, что блок с плавающей точкой был встроен в сопроцессор, поэтому как правило отсутсвуют непосредственные переходы по условиям с плавающей точкой. Что бы их реализовать надо загрузить слово состояния FP из сопроцессора в процессор, а потом его анализировать. Типичный пример: x86: fnstsw ax ; читаем FP. SW в AX sahf ; записываем AX в регистр флагов ; готовы делать переходы по FP MIPS: C.cond.S C.cond.D Потом появились и более позднии варианты которые пишут integer флаги напрямую, что позволяет пользоваться стандартными branches. x86: fcomi st,st(2) ; например
x86:	FCOMIxx			ZF	PF	CF
	ST(0) > ST(i)		0	0	0
	ST(0) < ST(i)		0	0	1
	ST(0) = ST(i)		1	0	0
	unordered		1	1	1
Ясно что FP числа - это всегда signed, но зато в случае сравнения могут получиться новое условие Unoredered Это когда сравнить нельзя. Например что больше +infinity или +infinity? Или если сравнивать NaN с числом Кроме собственно сравнения чисел, есть еще ситуации которые могут возникнуть после практически каждой FP. операции: - Invalid Operand (NaN) - Overflow - Underflow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Branch/Compare x86 FCOMI AR (set integer flags) ----------------------------------------- Alpha FBEQ R.PREL(20) (== 0) FBNE R.PREL(20) (!= 0) FBGT R.PREL(20) (> 0) FBLE R.PREL(20) (<= 0) FBLT R.PREL(20) (< 0) FBGE R.PREL(20) (>= 0) ----------------------------------------- MIPS C.cond.S 32 RR C.cond.D 64 RR conditions are: Base Inversed F T False UN OR Unordered EQ NEQ Equal OLT UGE Ordered or Less ULT OGE Unordered or Less OLE UGT Ordered <= ULE OGT Unordered <= NGLE GLE Not Greater (Less Equal) SEQ SNE (Signaled) == NGL GL (Non Greater or Less)) LT NLT < NGE GE LE NLE NGT GT and then, BC1F PREL(18) (branch if condition false) BC1T PREL(18) (branch if condition true) ----------------------------------------- SPARC FCMPS RR FCMPD RR FCMPQ RR and then FBG PREL(?) FBUG PREL(?) FBL PREL(?) FBUL PREL(?) FBLG PREL(?) FBNE PREL(?) FBE PREL(?) FBUE PREL(?) FBGE PREL(?) FBUGE PREL(?) FBLE PREL(?) FBULE PREL(?) ----------------------------------------- PPC FCMPO ccRR (Ordered compare) FCMPU ccRR (Unordered compare) and then see integer code for describe operations ------------------------------------------ HPPA FCMPxx RR and then see integer code for descibe operations FTESTxx (Check current condition (FP state) if success, the next instruction will be nullified. ------------------------------------------- IA-64 FCMP.frel.fctype.sf P1,P2=F1,F2 (Compare) eq .s0 lt unc .s1 le .s2 gt ge unord neq (no equal) nlt nle ngt ngt nge ord ------------------------------------------ 68k FBcc ??? cc = EQ,NE,OGT,ULE,OGE,ULT,OLT,UGE,OLE,UGT,OGL,UEQ,OR,UN,F,T) ------------------------------------------ JVM FCMPL 32 (less) FCMPG 32 (greater) DCMPL 32 (less) DCMPG 32 (greater) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Conditional Move x86 FCOMI AR (set integer flag) and then FCMOVB AR FCMOVNE AR FCMOVE AR FCMOVNE AR FCMOVBE AR FCMOVNBE AR FCMOVU AR (unordered) FCMOVNU AR (not unordered) ----------------------------------------- Alpha FCMOVEQ RRR (compare one operand with 0, FCMOVGE RRR and if condition true, do FCMOVGT RRR move second to third). FCMOVLE RRR FCMOVLT RRR FCMOVNE RRR ------------------------------------------ MIPS see (F.P. branch) [MIPS IV have] MOVF MOVN MOVT MOVZ ------------------------------------------ SPARC (??) ------------------------------------------ PPC

Load predefined constant

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Load special constant x86 FLDZ A (0) FLDL2T A (log2 10) FLDL2E A (log2 e) FLDPI A (pi) FLDLG2 A (log10 2) FLDLN2 A (loge 2) FLD1 A (1) ----------------------------------------- Alpha R31 = 0 ----------------------------------------- MIPS ----------------------------------------- PPC ----------------------------------------- JVM FCONST_0 (0) FCONST_1 (1) FCONST_2 (2) DCONST_0 (0) DCONST_1 (1)

FP Load Integer

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Load Integer x86 FILD 16 AM 32 AM 64 AM ----------------------------------------- Alpha ?? ----------------------------------------- MIPS DMTC1 64 iRfR (Move from GPR to FPR) MTC1 32 iRfR ?? ------------------------------------------ PPC ??

Convert from Integer to FP

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Convert from Integer x86 (*) None, see Load Integer ----------------------------------------- Alpha CVTQS RR (QWORD -> S-floating) CVTQT RR (QWORD -> T-floating) CVTQF RR (QWORD -> F-floating) CVTQG RR (QWORD -> G-floating) CVTQL RR (QWORD -> DWORD) supportion CVTLQ RR (DWORD -> QWORD) ops. ------------------------------------------ MIPS CVT.D.W RR (DWORD -> D-floating) CVT.D.L RR (QWORD -> D-floating) CVT.S.W RR (DWORD -> S-floating) CVT.S.L RR (QWORD -> S-floating) ------------------------------------------ SPARC FITOS RR (I -> S) FITOD RR (I -> D) FITOQ RR (I -> Q) FSTOI RR (S -> I) FDTOI RR (D -> I) FQTOI RR (Q -> I) FSTOX RR (S -> X) V9 FDTOX RR (D -> X) V9 FQTOX RR (Q -> X) V9 FXTOS RR (X -> S) V9 FXTOD RR (X -> D) V9 FXTOQ RR (X -> Q) V9 ------------------------------------------ PPC ------------------------------------------ HPPA FCNVXFxx RR (From Fixed Point -> Float. P) ------------------------------------------ IA-64 FCVT.xf F1=F2 (from signed) FCVT.xuf.pc.sf F1=F2 (from unsigned) ------------------------------------------ JVM I2F (32bit -> F) I2D (32bit -> D) L2F (64bit -> F) L2D (64bit -> D)

Convert from FP to integer

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Round to Integer x86 (*) based on FRNDINT A ----------------------------------------- Alpha CVTTQ RR (T-floating -> QWORD) CVTGQ RR (G-floating -> QWORD) ----------------------------------------- MIPS CEIL.L.S 32 RR (S-floating -> QWORD fixpnt) CEIL.L.D 64 RR (D-flaoting -> QWORD fixpnt) CEIL.W.S 32 RR (S-floating -> DWORD fixpnt) CEIL.W.D 64 RR (D-floating -> DWORD fixpnt) FLOOR.L.S RR FLOOR.L.D RR FLOOR.W.S RR FLOOR.W.D RR ROUND.L.S RR ROUND.L.D RR ROUND.W.S RR ROUND.W.D RR TRUNC.L.S RR TRUNC.L.D RR TRUNC.W.S RR TRUNC.W.D RR CVT.L.S RR (S -> QWORD) (def. round mode) CVT.L.D RR (D -> QWORD) CVT.W.S RR (S -> DWORD) CVT.W.D RR (D -> DWORD) ----------------------------------------- SPARC see convert from integer ----------------------------------------- PPC FCTIW RR (->DWORD) def.round mode FCTIWZ RR (->DWORD) round toward zero ----------------------------------------- HPPA FRNDxx RR (Round to Integer) ----------------------------------------- IA-64 FCVT.fx.sf F1=F2 .fx.trunc.sf F1=F2 .fxu.sf F1=F2 .fxu.trunc.sf F1=F2 ------------------------------------------ 68K FINT.f [EA],FPn (Round as FPCR.RND field) FINT.X FPm,FPn FINT.X FPn FINTRZ.f [EA],FPn (Round to Zero) FINTRZ.X FPm,FPn FINTRZ.X FPn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Store as Integer (i.e. perform round too) x86 FIST 16 AM 32 AM 64 AM ----------------------------------------- MIPS DMFC1 64 iRfR (Move from F.P reg to GPR) MFC1 32 iRfR ----------------------------------------- SPARC ----------------------------------------- HPPA FCNVFXxx RR (Float.p -> Fixed p.) FCNVFXTxx RR (--//-- + truncate) ----------------------------------------- JVM F2I (F -> DWORD) F2L (F -> QWORD) D2I (D -> DWORD) D2L (D -> QWORD) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRANCEDENTAL FUNCTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Cosine x86 FCOS A FSINCOS A ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Sine x86 FSINCOS A ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Tangent x86 FPTAN A (then some more ops) ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Arctangent x86 FPATAN A (then some more ops) ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Compute 2^X-1 x86 F2XM1 A ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Compute y*(log2 x) x86 FYL2X AF ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Compute y*(log2(x+1)) x86 FYL2XP1 AF ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOME MISC ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Absolute Maximum IA-64 FAMAX.sf F1=F2,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Absolute Minimum IA-64 FAMIN.sf F1=F2,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Logical AND IA-64 FAND F1=F2,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. AND-Complement IA-64 FANDCM F1=F2,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Maximum IA-64 FMAX.sf F1=F2,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Minimum IA-64 FMIN.sf F1=F2,F3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ o F.P. Logical OR IA-64 FOR F1=F2,F3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Negate Absolute Value IA-64 FNEGABS F1=F3 (Pop: fmerge.ns F1=f0,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Reciprocal Approximation IA-64 FRCPA F1,P1=F2,F3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- o F.P. Exclusive OR IA-64 FXOR F1=F2,F3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Fixed Point Multiply Add IA-64 XMA.l/lu/h/hu F1=F3,F4,F2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Fixed Point Multiply IA-64 XMPY.l/lu/h/hu F1=F3,F4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- IA-64 Have many lot operations to mix different fields of F.P. Registers!!!! Need to look here more carefully ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: so, F.P. compares and jumps. F.P. round precension control F.P. conditional Move F.P. unordered comparing That also additional CPUs we must to add: o Zilog Z8000 o VAX-11.

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